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Your health is important, but so is your time!

Far too many people struggle to find time to exercise, so we combine personal training with the latest in Artificial Intelligence, Exercise Science, and exercise technology to deliver a complete exercise program that only takes 1-2 sessions.

SprintStrong Fitness uses cutting-edge computer science and technology with the latest in the science of exercise intensity to deliver the most effective and shortest personal training workout possible. All that is needed is 1-2 sessions to maximize your exercise gains! At SprintStrong Fitness we realize that there are many obstacles that keep people from getting the many benefits that exercise has to offer. Whether it's lack of time, lack of accountability, lack of progress, injuries, health conditions, dislike of big gyms, or lack of knowledge around what you should be doing, SprintStrong Fitness is there to remove those barriers once and for all. To do this, we use cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and computer science combined with advanced exercise techniques and state-of-the-art-equipment to deliver workouts that are custom-tailored to exactly what you need in every moment. Workouts consist of 1-2 sessions per week where you will work through a circuit that will give you a complete strength training session, the equivalent of a 45-minute cardio session, and the many benefits of whole-body vibration. The entire time you will be under the guidance of an expert instructor in a safe, clean, and private studio where you can focus on getting a great workout experience with no wasted time. In addition, we offer monthly 21-day nutrition challenges for our SSF community where you will receive new content daily with the ability to engage with us to stay engaged and motivated. We also offer the latest in 3D body imaging technology with our Fit3D technology so we can accurately measure your progress over time!

  • Improve your general fitness, strength, blood pressure, blood sugar, metabolic rate, and more in just 1-2 sessions per week!
  • 1:1 personal strength training and fitness consultation with certified HIT trainers.
  • Time-efficient, science-backed AI bikes deliver a superior workout in FAR less time that traditional cardio.
  • State-of-the-art software monitors your fitness over time to determine the best training program for you!

Alexander Peterson


I don’t normally take time to leave reviews, but I’ve really seen great results from the workout programs here and I love this place. I have been working out with traditional gyms for most of my life, so I was a bit skeptical at first, but these workouts take a fraction of the time and give you even better results! Everyone should give it a shot, it’s a great way to stay in shape and feel great!

Shanika Williams


Richard and his team are wonderful, they make you feel like you are family. This is a wonderful place to start your fitness journey, I did not know anything about lifting and the correct way to do so. They have been very patient, understanding and supportive and push you to your potential.

Elizabeth Warga


I have seen excellent results in the month that I have been going to SprintStrong Fitness. And you can actually see them. Your activity is analyzed and graphed and easy to see! This is great exercise to keep elderly muscles strong.

April Buddin


I love this place! The staff and facility is amazing! I’m getting stronger every week! So excited in this journey! Thank you all!!

Esther Weinmann


Best option in York. Personalized work outs, private environment, very effective exercises. So far it has exceeded my expectations.

Luanne Walden


In my first month I lost 7 pounds. My body is stronger and my back does not give me
the usual pain. Intestinal issues have improved and my energy is up. But I am a
woman, and have to admit I wanted some visible results of improvement to the aging
body: GOT THAT TOO. I love that I am literally in and out of my workout in less than
15 minutes, three times a week. No yucky sweating and have to go home and spend
another hour cleaning up so I can go on with my day. One day I actually went for my
work out on my way out of town for a four day trip, in - worked out - out - no
sweat- make up still on and dressed for a trip.

Rich is a wonderful trainer. He knows what he is doing and pushes me to each goal
with encouragement In a way that makes me feel confident and accomplished. Working
weights with his coaching I’m building back my strength, looking and feeling better.
I have the added benefit of this type of training helping me avoid osteoporosis and
other aging issues safely.



Check our Services

1:1 Personal Weight Training

Superslow weight training delivers the most effective, time-efficient, yet SAFE training possible. This type of training has been shown scientifically to improve strength, body composition, blood sugar, blood pressure, cognitive health, bone density and more. It is also safe and effective for ALL ages and fitness levels and can be adapted to accommodate many health conditions and physical limitations.


Based on the new science of REHIT (Reduced Exertion High Intensity Training), this is HIIT 2.0. Using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, the CAR.O.L stationary bike delivers the equivalent of a 45 minute jog but in only two 20-second sprints as shown in a study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE)!

Whole Body Vibration

Standing on this vibrating plate has massive benefits as shown in the scientific literature including for improved body composition, increased lymphatic drainage, increased bone mass and mineral density, improvements in blood circulation, increased flexibility, and even improvements in mood through increases in serotonin and norepinephrine secretion.

Fit3D Body Scanner

To help measure our clients' body composition changes, we use the cutting-edge Fit3D body scanner. With this technology, we can create a 3D image of your body and compare that image over time. In addition, the Fit3D scanner accurately measures body fat percentatge, measures your body parts, analyzes your posture, and provides metrics that predict disease risk over time based on your body shape.

Community Nutrition Challenges

Every month we have community nutrition challenges with fresh content delivered daily. With the support of our SprintStrong Fitness community and expert instructors, you will have all the help you need to succeed in improving your diet. Each month has a different theme to help you find what works best for you body.

Our Pricing

At SprintStrong, we believe that top-tier fitness training should be within everyone's reach. Our pricing structure not only represents tremendous value compared to traditional personal training, but also includes an array of benefits that most services simply can't match.

When you sign up for our monthly bundles, you unlock unbeatable savings, making your path to fitness even more accessible. Plus, we've bundled in everything you need to achieve your fitness goals and maintain them.

Complimentary 3D Body Scanning

Get a comprehensive understanding of your body with our advanced 3D body scanning technology, included with every subscription.

Monthly Fitness Assessments

Track your progress with monthly fitness assessments that help customize your training program to your evolving needs.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Content

Enjoy access to exclusive content on nutrition and lifestyle, enabling a holistic approach to health and fitness.

Community Challenges

Stay motivated with community challenges that push you to be your best, all while having fun!

So why wait? Begin your fitness journey with SprintStrong today and experience the difference.


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Co-owner, trainer Certified Master HIT Personal Trainer Primal Blueprint Certified Expert

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